Friday, January 20, 2012

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Field Day

Taking a much needed popsicle break!

Rusty demonstrating his wonderful hulla hooping skills!

Spinning it on her neck!

She won first in the long jump

Sagen and her buddy Riley!

Thursday was the annual "Field Day" at Dawson. All of the elementary students have a track meet where the compete in various events and win ribbons. Sagen won first place in the hulla hooping contest and first place in the long jump. She also won third in the 100m run. I must say...she gets her athletic ability from her momma lol.

A Wonderful Surprise

Chutes and Ladders

My mom and aunt

Aunt Debbie and Slayde

The whole group at the game!

Uncle Tony helping out at third!

This Thursday we had a wonderful surprise! My Aunt and Uncle from Georgia flew down and surprised all of us by coming to Sagen's T-Ball game. Originally I wasn't going to go to the T-Ball game because of the FFA banquet but when I found out they were flying down to see us and to see Sagen play T-ball I knew I had to miss the banquet and visit with my family. The only people that knew they were coming was a family friend, and when my mom saw them walk up at the ball park she was beyone shocked! Sagen was very surprised when her uncle Tony walked up to third base and asked her if he could help her catch the ball. She ran off the base to give him a big hug! After the game we went back to my house and ordered pizzas and visited. My sister and her family came down (I had to tell her the surprise to convince her to come to Lamesa) and the kids had a blast playing. They had to go back this morning, which made me sad, but we will see them again in 14 days when we go to Georgia. Uncle Tony has a tradition of giving all the kids Chutes and Ladders when they turn 5. He writes them a sweet note about lifes "ups and downs" and how if they are ever down they can depend on their Uncle Tony! Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter!


My grandparents and all their greats!

Aren't they the cutests couple!

I promised we did not plan this! We got their and my dad and his brother had on the same shirt and it was the same shade as Casen's and Slayde matched too!

85 and still hunting eggs!

Sagen and all her cousins!

The only good picture

Can you tell what kind of day we are going to have by Slayde's face?

Sagen in her princess dress! Thanks Nana

Slayde seeing what the Easter Bunny left him

Sagen got a stuffed dog....she is easy to please!

Our family in Stanton

Slayde with his great granddad, Big Daddy

Slayde, Jett, and Macy hunting eggs

Jessica and Bailey helped Slayde hunt eggs

Slayde was playing catch with Jack

All the cousins getting ready to hunt!

Sagen's class with their Easter baskets!

This was after her class's Easter egg hunt. They had cookies and a party!

Easter is an awesome holiday that is sometimes over commercialized with the Easter bunny and Easter eggs...but this year we tried to really talk with Sagen about the true meaning of Easter, our Lord's death and resurrection. I am so glad that we worship a living, loving God. We went to a "service of silence" which is like a funeral for Jesus at our church Friday night. It was so powerful and you left there with all these emotions on your shoulders for what you had just witnessed. We had someone playing the role of Jesus and the Roman soldier beating him as he carried the cross. Wow! Saturday we went to Stanton where Sagen and Slayde hunted eggs with all of their cousins on Rusty's side. Saturday night was not fun! We were up around 9 or 10 times with Slayde constantly crying...unconsolably! Sunday we went to church and left a little early to spend the day with my family. My grandparents, aunt and uncle, and cousins from Idalou were there. It just so happened to be my grandmother's 85th birthday which we celebrated too. She looks AMAZING for her age! I can only hope I look half as good and get around as good as she did. Slayde was moody all day and ran fever and just couldn't be happy. We took him to the pediatrician Monday morning where his ears were so badly infected he got a shot and an antibiotic! Hopefully he will feel better soon! (We took him Friday in Lamesa and told he was just "teething"...yeah right!)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Slayde's 1 Year Photo Shoot

Ok, I know its been longer than one year (14 months to be exact), but I finally got around to taking Slayde's 1 year pictures. I was putting it off thinking he would finally start walking...but he still isn't! I guess he is just going to take his time. Hope you like them!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Sagen!

Mom and Kimberly at the party!

Slayde and Papaw would have to step outside because it was so hot in the pool area!

Rusty and I got her an American Girl cheerleader. She was really excited!
Slayde, oblivious to the situation, got his sister "Hi Ho Cheerio!" She was pumped!
Here is a picture of here with her icecream cone cupcake. They turned out really cute and quite yummy!

We finally talked Keatyn into getting in!

Blowing out the candles on the Hello Kitty cake!

All the kids at the party!

Well its hard to believe my little girls is 5! I got a little sad on her me 5 seems so much older than 4! On her actual birthday I took ice cream cone cupcakes to her class and we let her open her presents from us that night. We had her birthday party on Sunday at BodyWorks in Lubbock. They have an indoor swimming center called "Splash Zone" with huge slides and lots of fun things for the kids to play with. They all had a blast! There were about 15 little kids there and it was so much fun watching them play. Sagen picked out Hello Kitty for her theme and Aunt Debbie did a great job on the cake!

Stock Show Time

Slayde showing off his trophy from the pig show

Rusty holding Slayde and Tac. I joked with him that if we had twins this is what it would have been like.

Slayde got so tickled watching the pigs run around!

future stockshowers!

All of us after ths pig show

Jack helped Sagen show a lamb. She said she likes lambs better than pigs...we will see in years to come!

This past weekend we had the local stockshow here in Welch. It went really well and it was fun to see the "future" stockshowers! Rusty's program has been down in numbers, but when we see the kids that are coming up we see nothing but good things! This next weekend we have the county show in Lamesa. Keep us in your prayers! Stockshow time is a hard time on our family with Rusty being so busy, the kids miss their daddy!